Good friends are wonderful for so many reasons. They have our backs, and, because we love and trust them, they can be a source of so much honest and helpful advice.

I have been blessed with many good friends in my lifetime. Some have moved on, but I will always cherish their role in my life. Little tidbits stick with me.

I remember in high school when my friend Joanne pointed out that I was walking around slouching my shoulders. She suggested that I pull my shoulders back and walk with confidence… It was not an easy change to make. When you walk tall with your shoulders back and down, your heart is open and you are more vulnerable. But I tried it, because I trusted her.

That advice really symbolizes the beginning of a journey for me. (Thank you Joanne ;)) One with many twists and turns. One that eventually led to finding my own Tru beauty. To this day, I am still lucky to have friends that are not afraid to be honest with me. They have guided and supported me through the ups and downs of my life.

Our “friends” really can either detract from our beauty, OR enhance it. TRUE friends will genuinely increase your beauty. Why? Because their sincere compliments, honest criticisms, helpful support, and advice will get you through everything from a bad hair day to a devastating loss (with a few wardrobe malfunctions and the occasional “dumped by a boyfriend” in-between.)

I’m not sure exactly why I was guided to write this post today, but it may have something to do with my desire to follow my passions in life. I have come to realize that what makes me truly happy involves anything that I can do to help women and girls realize that they are the jewels of this world, and that being positive and happy may create joy for their loved ones, and then, possibly create positive change out in the big world.

I am definitely inspired by my own journey, my beautiful mother, my cherished grandmothers, my amazing friends, and my incredible daughters. As I have said before, it is MORE than makeup!

Thank you for reading. I hope that you feel inspired to give a sincere compliment to a good friend today. :)

XO Lisa